Since 1953.

Edisto's rich history dates well beyond our records. It was first inhabited by the Edistow Indians, the tribe who gave this "Kingdom by the Sea" the name we still use today. Settled by both the English and the Spanish at various times, the gem of an island still reveals the contributions of African, Spanish, French, English, and Caribbean influences in its culture, be it through food, art or dialect.

With the exceptions of times of warfare and reconstruction, the exceptionally fertile soil of Edisto has always secured a wealth-of varying forms for its people. This fertility does not end on the terrain however, for the surrounding waters of the island have always been known to aid its inhabitants with its exceptional abundance of sea life.

As stated in her book Edisto: a Sea Island Principality, Clara Chides Puckett writes "There was one unfailing resource on Edisto, however, if a man had the enterprise to avail himself of it."

The Edisto Marina is a tradition and a staple of the Edisto Island Community. The only operating Marina on the Island, Edisto has been in operation for over 60 years, with one of the closest ports to the Atlantic on the East Coast. In that time, Edisto has hosted a plethora of tournaments and yearly traditions, including the always growing-in-popularity Edisto Marina Governor's Cup Billfishing Tournament, which has been held every summer for over a quarter century!

It is this allegiance to tradition and nature that preserves the wholly unique charm of the island. Rather than resorting to the more carnival-like atmosphere of form of entertainment: the place itself; a place that can never be truly understood until experienced firsthand.